How Far Can 22-Bullet Travel?

How Far Can 22-Bullet Travel?

How Far Can 22-Bullet Travel?

Let’s talk about 22 bullets. They are the smallest and most common type of bullet used by shooters. People use 22 bullets for target shooting, hunting small animals, and practicing. They are cheap and don’t kick back much, so they are great for training. But remember, even though they are not very powerful, if you miss your target, 22 bullets can still travel far and cause harm.

22 bullets can go over 1.3 miles if shot from a rifle at the right angle. But 22 rifles are most accurate up to around 300 yards. The form, power, length of the gun’s barrel, weather, and other variables all affect how far 22 bullets may go.

We can look at the various bullet types and how they perform when fired from weapons to learn more about 22 bullets. We can also observe the possible accuracy of 22 rifles in real shooting situations.

What Exactly Is A 22 Bullet?

Let’s learn about 22 bullets and what they can do 22 bullet is small and measures .22 inches or 5.6mm across. They are different from other bullets because they don’t travel as fast, which makes them less powerful, quieter, and cause less kickback.

The 22 bullets we’ll talk about are called rimfire rounds. This means the part that makes the bullet go off is on the edge of the shell instead of the middle. When the gun’s firing pin hits the edge, it makes the bullet Travel go forward. This design makes these bullets smaller and cheaper, but harder to reload.

There are four main types of 22 bullets: 22 short, 22 long, 22 LR (Long Rifle), and 22 WMR (Winchester Magnum Rimfire). The 22 short is the smallest and is used in small guns. The 22 long and 22 LR are used in rifles, but some pistols can also use the 22 LR. The difference between the 22 long and 22 LR is how much power they have, with the 22 LR being more powerful and able to travel further. The 22 WMR is a high-powered round with heavier bullets and more power, so it can go further and hit harder.

Now that we know about the different types of 22 bullets, let’s learn how far they can travel.

Factors that Influence the Range of Bullets

Factors that Influence the Range of Bullets
Factors that Influence the Range of Bullets

Let’s talk about what makes bullets travel different distances. A few factors can limit how far a bullet Travel can travel. For instance, the arc range, or the angle at which you hold the gun when you shoot, might have a significant impact. You would hold the pistol at around a 30-degree angle if you wanted to shoot as far as possible. However, shooting far requires a lot of expertise and is difficult. The ideal way to hold a gun when firing regularly is straight.

It also matters how long the barrel of the rifle is. The length of the gun’s barrel also matters. Longer barrels help bullets be more accurate and go further. So, a 22-bullet Travel shot from a rifle will travel differently than one shot from a pistol.

The shape and weight of the bullet are important too. Pointed bullets go through the air better and slow down less. Heavier bullets need more power to go as fast as lighter ones, and wind affects them more. The power of the cartridge, which holds the bullet Travel and gunpowder, affects how fast the bullet goes. Cartridges with more gunpowder make the bullet Travel go faster and further.

And don’t forget about things like wind, rain, snow, temperature, air density, and gravity. They can all make a difference in how far a bullet Travel can travel. Wind can even make a bullet Travel go shorter or change its direction.

But remember, even though these things help us understand how far bullets can go, being safe and responsible is always the most important thing when it comes to shooting.

How Far Can Different Types of 22 Bullets Travel?

Let’s learn how far different types of 22 bullets can travel.

22 Pistol Rounds: 

For pistols and revolvers, people usually use the 22 LR round instead of the 22 short. With a regular barrel and a 22 short round, a shot from a pistol can go about 150 to 200 meters before hitting the ground. But with a better angle and a 22 LR round, it can go up to around 500 meters. But remember, pistols are not very accurate past 50 meters.

22 Rifle Rounds: 

For rifles, people usually use the 22 LR round, but there are also 22 long rounds. The CCI stinger is a special round that goes very fast. When shot from a long-barreled rifle at the right angle, it can go over 1.3 miles or about 2 kilometers. But the bullet Travel drops quickly, so you won’t get that far if you shoot standing up. If you shoot from 1 meter off the ground, the furthest a 22 LR rifle can go is around 365 meters.

22 WMR: 

The 22 WMR, or 22 Magnum round, is more powerful than regular 22 bullets but goes slower because it’s heavier. Compared to the 22 LR, it can go about 10-20% further. At 100 yards, a 22 LR bullet Travel may drop about 1½ inches, while a 22 WMR bullet Travel hardly drops at all. So if you shoot a 22 WMR round from a rifle 1 meter off the ground, it can be accurate up to about 250 meters. With the right angle, the 22 WMR can go around 1.56 miles or about 2.5 kilometers.

Remember, these are just estimates, and things like wind can change how far bullets go. Always be safe and responsible when shooting.

How Accurate Are 22 Caliber Rifles?

How Accurate Are 22 Caliber Rifles?
How Accurate Are 22 Caliber Rifles?

Let’s learn about how accurate 22-caliber rifles can be. The most important concepts to keep in mind while discussing shooting are effective range and maximum range. The ability of a 22-caliber rifle to fire accurately at great distances does not, then, guarantee that it will inflict harm. Knowing this is important if you wish to hunt animals like deer.

To shoot accurately with a 22 caliber rifle, you need to adjust your scope for something called bullet Travel complete and drop. You can be accurate if you use technique and strong bullets. For instance, the following results are possible if you can fire a group of bullets within a 34-inch circle at a distance of 50 yards:

– At 100 yards, the group would be within a 1-inch circle.

– At 200 yards, the group would be within a 3-inch circle.

– At 300 yards, the group would be within an 8-inch circle.

But past 400 yards, the rifle is less accurate. However, it can still go through more than an inch of wood.

Thus, a 22-caliber rifle is accurate out to 300 yards. You might not be able to strike a rabbit in the eye with a 3-inch group, but you can shoot for a deer’s head. But remember, shooting further than this is not recommended because the accuracy gets worse.

Remember that things like wind, the type of bullet Travel you use, and your skills can also affect accuracy. Always be safe and responsible when shooting.


What is the 9mm pistol’s range?

A 9mm pistol can often fire accurately between 55 and 110 yards or 50 to 100 meters. However, the maximum distance it can travel is 1.5 to 2 kilometers (0.9 to 1.2 miles).

How much 9mm bullet travel before it falls?

The bullet Travel type, its weight, and the environment all affect how far a 9mm pistol can fire. It can often travel 1,200 yards, but, this can vary with the bullet’s form, its speed, and the weather.

A 9mm pistol can be accurate for long-range self-defense, right?

Although a 9mm pistol can fire a long distance, it is not ideal for long-range self-defense. It’s better to use it up close for self-defense since you can aim better and the bullet Travel is more powerful.

Can a 9mm pistol fire long-range targets accurately?

A 9mm pistol can fire a significant distance, but it may not be very precise. Accurate long-range shooting is challenging and needs focused knowledge and tackles. Use it at closer ranges for self-defense since you can aim better and the bullet Travel is more potent there.


In the end, a 22 LR round fired from a rifle at the proper angle can travel more than two kilometers. But keep in mind that at such a distance, it won’t be as efficient.

You can strike targets up to around 300 yards away with a 22-caliber rifle with accuracy. This is possible if you utilize strong bullets, appropriately set your scope, and consider how the bullet Travel will fall.

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